Privacy Statement

When you visit, you may share information with us and with others. This Privacy Statement describes that information and what we might do with it.

We will not request nor should you provide us with any personal information. Because we do not expect to receive any personal information, we did not design to safeguard any information.

When your internet browser connects to, it provides us and our hosting provider with whatever information it is configured to provide. Of course you can provide additional information by, for example, including a query string with your name, birthdate, and social security number: But we recommend that you do not send any information that you would not want publicly disclosed. We and our hosting provider may do anything with whatever information we receive.

If JavaScript is enabled, your browser may also provide whatever information it is configured to provide to the NOAA and to Twitter. The NOAA and Twitter may collect additional information. Any information they collect is subject to their privacy policies. For details, see the NOAA's Privacy Policy and Twitter's Privacy Policy.

It is possible for a bad actor to tamper with in such a way that your browser may run malicious code which may affect your privacy. We reduce the risk of a bad actor being able to do so by hosting with an NYSE listed hosting provider, and securing with an SSL certificate.

It may be possible for a bad actor to inject malicious code via the NOAA and Twitter. We don't know, and we do not know how that might affect your privacy.

Links may target sites governed by their own privacy policies.

If your browser has local storage enabled, will save the feeds you select and then load those saved feeds whenever you visit. If local storage is disabled or erased, will load the default feeds when you visit. We do not use cookies, sessions, local storage, or session storage for tracking purposes, but our hosting provider might. If our hosting provider does, disabling cookies and storage might result in slower page loads or multiple "Are you human?" tests.

We may update this Privacy Statement from time to time. When we do, we will let you know by posting the new one at

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Revised May 10, 2024.